Présentations étudiantes / Student presentation

Thang Van Do

PhD candidate – Université de Sherbrooke

November 24th – 12:00pm

Reviewing of using wide-bandgap Power semiconductor devices in electric vehicle system: from component to system

The application of wide bandgap (WBG) power semiconductor devices (silicon carbide and gallium nitride) in EV power electronics systems has a huge potential to increase EV efficiency, reliability and mileage. However, they extend cutting-edge research where both opportunities and challenge exist. In order to look for different approaches to address the research challenge, WBG power semiconductor devices and their application in electrical vehicle systems is reviewed in this paper, which will eventually benefit designers to choose appropriate devices and methodologies to improve EV power electronics systems performance.


Kartik Mangalvedhe

PhD candidate – Université McGill

November 30th – 12:00pm

Quantification of NOx emissions in stable, flat, aluminum and iron flames using laser absorption spectroscopy

In the fight against global climate change, pure metal combustion, which is void of carbon-based pollutants, is a potential source of clean energy. However, other major pollutant, NOx, is still present since the combustion occurs in air. A non-intrusive method is being developed to quantify NOx in the context of metal flames using laser absorption spectroscopy. The two fuels, aluminum and iron will be analyzed to get measurements of NOx and further examination of mechanisms responsible for its production will be performed.