Daniel Rousse

Daniel Rousse

Position: ÉTS
SiteWeb: http://www.t3e.info/
Categories: Chercheurs réguliers
Location: ÉTS

Devoted professor of energy engineering now building a philanthropic-based research group to bring water and light in areas of the world where communities and villages are not connected to the grid. Also working on natural building enveloppes.

Earlier, head of an industrial research Chair related to energy which aimed at proposing a novel regional development model for researchers established in regions of Quebec where there is no university. The Chair was hosted by the Chaudiere-Appalaches region. It realized 77 interventions and contributed to the foundation and activities of 3 start-ups.

Formerly, higher education executive with experience in all aspects of human, material, and financial resources management. Direct experience in government liaison, research funding, foundation operations, and international relations.Particularly skilled for team work with key social and economic actors. Interested in having universities closely implemented in their communities. Focused on the key issues of mediation and conciliation when it comes to discuss with unions and external partners.

Project manager focused on the appropriate optimization of performance, time, and budget to deliver products enthusiastically acknowledged.

University faculty with substantial design and heat transfer experience, and several local and Canadian awards. Network involving more than 25 collaborations with more than 10 countries and universities.


  • Economic, social and university development;
  • Innovative solutions, out-of-the-box thinking, global vision;
  • Fund raising;
  • Human, material, and financial resources management;
  • Mediation and conciliation;
  • International and inter-university relations;
  • Team work and university teaching and learning skills;
  • Design and energy research and teaching;
  • Industrial design of mechanical systems.