Hugo Daniel

Hugo Daniel

Position: Sherbrooke
Categories: Étudiants
Location: Sherbrooke

Prof. João Pedro Trovão – University of Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada

Lower CO2 and air pollutant emissions of merchant ships while they are at rest in ports
Need to optimize the auxiliary system to reduce emissions

Plug the bulk carriers to the grid on land (shore power)
Lower investments for such a system (hybrid system)
Improve the performance of the auxiliary system

Work plan
Detail the energy demand for a bulk carrier in port
Mathematical modelling of the ship emission and microgrid
Find the best shore power solution with a multi-objective approach
Design an energy management strategy (EMS)
Technical-economic study

Lower shipping GHG + air pollutants (NOx, SOx, etc.)
High-level design of shore power system (1.8 MW)
Power flow control of the system
Financial analysis